Roundup® BASF Promotion Eastern Canada

Working Together to Improve Weed Management

Receive a $1.00 per acre rebate when Roundup WeatherMAX® herbicide is purchased with matching acres of INTEGRITY®, ERAGON®, MARKSMAN®, and/or ARMEZON™ herbicides.
Pre-plant burn-down and in-crop control of tough weeds and potentially resistant weeds can be a challenge. The best way to meet the challenge is to optimize glyphosate weed control by adding additional modes of action to your Roundup WeatherMAX herbicide program. The addition of another mode of action will:

  • Improve the control over higher rates of Roundup WeatherMAX alone. 

  • Provide control of glyphosate resistant and glyphosate gap weeds. 

  • Provide residual weed control. 

  • Delay the development of glyphosate resistance.

 BASF results of INTEGRITY plus MERGE on tough weeds

Resistant Canada Fleabane before and 7 days after an application of INTEGRITY plus MERGE.

Common ragweed before and 7 days after an application of INTEGRITY plus MERGE.

Growers are also eligible for AgSolutions® Rewards on INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN and ARMEZON in addition to this rebate. For more details on the AgSolutions Rewards program, please visit
For more information on Roundup WeatherMAX, INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN or ARMEZON herbicide, or this offer, talk to your local BASF and Monsanto retailer.


Roundup WeatherMAX herbicide and INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN, and ARMEZON herbicide Offer

Terms and Conditions

Offer details

Growers who meet the criteria below will qualify to receive a rebate of $1.00 per acre on Roundup WeatherMAX herbicide for matching acres of INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN and/or ARMEZON herbicides to Roundup WeatherMAX during the sales period of December 1, 2012 to July 31, 2013.

Program Qualification

1. To receive a $1.00 per acre year end rebate on purchases of Roundup WeatherMAX herbicide, growers are required to purchase matching acres of Roundup WeatherMAX and INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN, and/or ARMEZON between December 1, 2012 and July 31, 2013.

2. Matching acres can be made up of a single BASF herbicide (INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN or ARMEZON) matched to the same acres of Roundup WeatherMAX herbicide OR a combination of the BASF herbicide acres which in total match to the same acres as Roundup WeatherMAX.

3. Acres entitling a grower to a $1.00 per acre rebate are determined using whichever is less: INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN and/or ARMEZON acres purchased or Roundup WeatherMAX acres purchased.

4. The Roundup WeatherMAX and INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN and ARMEZON Offer rebate acres will be calculated using the following label rates:

0.3 L/ac of INTEGRITY = 1 acre (30 ac/jug)
14.6 g/ac of ERAGON = 1 acre (20 ac/jug)
1.0 L/ac of MARKSMAN = 1 acre (10 ac/jug)
0.015 L/ac of ARMEZON = 1 acre (40 ac/jug)
One jug of Roundup WeatherMAX 0.67 L = 1 acre (10 L = 15 acres, 115 L = 172 acres, 450 L = 675 acres, 800 L = 1,200 acres).

5. This program payment will be made by BASF Canada in the fall of 2013. Program payments will be completed no later than December 21, 2013. For questions regarding the status of grower program payments, please call AgSolutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273).

6. This program is available to all retailers who sell INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN and/or ARMEZON and Roundup WeatherMAX.

7. This offer does not apply to any products returned for any reason whatsoever or for any products purchased for resale. Product returned to their retailer after the sales period is not eligible for the program.

8. Monsanto Canada Inc. reserves the right to verify the information provided by the customer and/or the retailer.




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