Strengthening Your Weed Management Tool Box

At Monsanto, we continue to focus on providing farmers with the top plant science technologies. We believe the best way to help support farmers’ success is by continuing to invest in research and development (R&D) that leads to the commercialization of new, beneficial products.

We are committed to providing farmers with new tools that will deliver improved control of weeds, diseases, and insects; offer higher yield potential; and also help address other production-related challenges, including herbicide resistant weeds. Currently, we have a number of products in our pipeline that are geared to this issue.

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Identify and Map Weeds on your Farm

Identify and Map Weeds on your Farm

Looking for an app to help you identify weeds? Look no further! The Weed ID app is a new tool specific to Canada that will help you IDENTIFY and MAP weeds and weed trends on your farm year-over-year.

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